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Imperatives of sustainable development
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Industrial Revolution 4.0
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"JSC "SEZ PPT "Avangard" is certified according to GOST R ISO 14001-2016 and GOST R ISO 50001-2023

GOST R ISO 14001—2016

The purpose of this standard is to provide organizations with an approach to protect the environment and respond to changing environmental conditions, while balancing socio-economic needs. It sets out the requirements to enable the organization to achieve the intended results it has established for its environmental management system.
A systems approach to environmental management can provide senior management with the information to achieve long-term success and create opportunities to promote sustainable development

This standard, like other national standards, is not intended to strengthen or change legal requirements for an organization.

GOST R ISO 50001-2023

Energy management is a set of organizational and technical measures aimed at increasing the efficiency of use of fuel and energy resources.

By integrating energy management into business practices, organizations can establish a process for continuously improving energy performance.

In addition, implementation can lead organizations to achieve key climate change mitigation goals by reducing energy-related greenhouse gas emissions.