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Position Full name Contact details
1 General Manager Sobolev Viktor Yurievich +7-913-966-2663
2 Deputy General Director for Land and Property Relations Pomorgailo Valery Vasilievich +7-913-966-4767
3 Deputy General Director for Construction Bogdanov Alexander sergeevich
4 Deputy General Director for Development Derevianko Mikhail Yurievich +7-923-688-8778
5 Chief Accountant Fokina Natalya Sergeevna
6 Advisor to the General Director for the organization of a free customs zone Zhaborovsky Anton Sergeevich
7 Lawyer Pisarev Dmitry Vasilievich
8 HR record-keeping specialist Yushkevich Alexandra Olegovna
9 Head of the Analysis and Planning Department Makarchenkov Mikhail Vladimirovich
10 Head of Investment Projects Department Didkovsky Alexey Ivanovich
11 E-mail for requests
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